A Momfest experience like norther, Bougie Slumber Party anyone?


What is MomsTO?

Great Events

MomFest is just the beginning.  Look for events around Halloween, Christmas and Spring 2020!

Learn from Experts

Surrounding our events with experts and specialists that know their stuff.  Helping us become better moms together!

Exclusive Access

MomsTO does events, photoshoots, shopping and lots of other great events too.  With the Halo coming, we'll be kicking it up a notch.

Changing the Game

Hi, I'm Alana, welcome!

I started MomsTO in my living room! I just had my first kid, I was lonely, depressed and out of sorts with my life. I didn’t have anyone to talk to about being a mom.

I went on facebook and invited a bunch of Moms over to my house to drink some wine and eat some snacks. 19 Women showed up and partied all afternoon, sharing their trials and tribulations of motherhood. When one mom asked “what’s the catch?”. I replied – there isn’t one, I want moms to come together and find happiness and strength from one another – I knew we had something. And from there, MomsTO was born.

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"We’re so impressed with the community that MomsTO has built for new moms in the city and we’re so grateful for Alana and co’s support of The Rebel Mama since the start. Rebel on!""

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