I ate all of the Pizza

diet Aug 01, 2019

“I’m not dieting,” I said, “I’m just eating slow carb, TOTALLY different”

I was smug about my problem dieting trends.
I wasn’t dieting–I was just eating BETTER.

Except that was bullshit.

I was heading into 6th attempt at Tim Ferris’s diet book 4-Hour Body. I got married and it worked like a champ to have the baning dress-ready body on my wedding day

But here we were two years later, 1 less white dress and I found myself giving fewer and fewer shits about dieting. It was hard to find motivation. So in between slow-carb attempts, I was annihilating pizzas, subway, and any other thing I could get my hands on—and not in a healthy way. Like entire pizzas, multiple subs and lots of late night chips.

Then came the self-loathing. 

Every time I hit the scale I felt guilt, shame, and resentment towards my body for not doing what I wanted it to. I was sick of failing after years of non-stop dieting (I starting watching what I ate...

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