Have I never ever seen...

momboss Sep 07, 2019

Have I never ever seen, a mom, a wife who was so keen…. Who worked so hard she blew her spleen… to make all moms feel like a queen.

The past few months have been interesting, to say the least. To watch, mostly from the sidelines, as my wife, Alana, founder of MomsTO, sets out to try and make a most memorable event for moms that anyone has ever seen.

It’s not to say that there have not been bigger — there have been many that are oodles bigger. Nor more lavish — the Atleier conference did that for Women just this past year. But to design, build and launch an event that tries to get 90% of every dimension is a serious challenge. And not without some roadblocks, bumps, and even a crash along the way.

The idea of “giving moms a great day” is everything that this show has come to be. Her non-stop calling, selling, convincing, espousing, bugging, and downright determination to make this show everything missing from every other show has been a joy...

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